The Ruined Garden – is in the garden of Riad Idrissy.

During the last century, many of the merchants and administrators moved out of Fez to the new capital of Rabat or the sprawling port city of Casablanca. This left many houses to the cats and hawks. Over time, they crumbled in on themselves.

Once the renovation of the Riad next door was underway, it was time to clear the ruin, taking five donkeys five months. Under 40 years of rubbish was found the original mosaic floors and fountains, as well as crumbling staircases and columns. The ruin was turned into a garden by Robert. The climate of Fez is a gardener’s paradise, perfect for growing oranges and lemons as well as jasmine and roses. Lady of the night and angel’s trumpets scent the evening air.

When staying in the Riad, the Garden is yours, until it opens to the public every day from 13.00 to 21.30,   We serve street foods and daily dishes, afternoon tea & Modern Moroccan dinners. You can order in advance the celebratory 7 hour lamb ‘Mechwi’ or poached Sephardic chicken. We can also suggest some other great neighbourhood restaurants once you are here.

For more reading, menus & archive go to this blog.

Fez Food is Fantastic for Fearless or Frightened Foodies – The joy of this city, especially the old medina, is that what you see in the souks & the alleyways demands questions of you that you cannot always answer easily. Some things become apparent as you spend a few days exploring & other things become more baffling.  Easy & simple food is easy to find,  you can eat on the street from lunchtime vendors, broad bean soup or boiled sheep head, snail soup & boiled chickpeas or try a camel burger at Cafe Clock.  On every corner there are shops with good coffee & local pastries, there is even a mobile macaroon seller.

Foodie Activities in-house – Bread Making or Meat Free Fez

Learn to cook with Najia either 5 local breads, this includes taking the daily bread to the community bread oven, or cook a vegetarian feast, including cooked salads, street foods & a tagine, a translator is always there.  The courses start at 10.00 and finish at about 13.00, a light lunch in the garden and drinks are included.  550 Dirham per person.

Couscous – Najia hand-rolls couscous every Friday at midday –  come and watch or roll some with her, no charge. It will then be on the menu from 13.00 each Friday.

Out & About

Cafe Clock also have a cooking school, this runs every day from 10.00, advance booking essential.

We will also show you where to eat Street Foods in the medina, in Fez essentially lunchtime only.